18,500.00 ฿

The 307L shares the majority of its features with the 07 Series. The same contoured main flap and easy PressTop access, internal and external grab handles, expanding double dump pockets to the front and zippered pocket to the rear. Where the 307L comes into its own is inside the bag. A fixed, robust laptop slipcase is built into the padded interior and a base provides impact protection.

It is a specially designed and constructed, contoured closed cell foam section that extends the camera equipment base underneath the entire main compartment. The smooth channel offers a rigid support to the leading edge of your laptop and provides a buffer from the ground and any other bumps and knocks.

The slipcase uses the same soft lining material as the rest of the interior and is padded with foam that protects the sides of your laptop. The materials have natural 'give' and therefore offer some movement and allow the tough leather tab closures to pull the opening together.

Instead of the Quick Release System found on the 07 Series, the expected carrying weight of the 307L requires the utilisation of a buckle fastener. Solid brass cast fittings are used that provide a strong and everlasting closure for your kit.

As with the other models in the range, the 307L can be fitted with our optional Delta pockets for extra capacity. The lower leather straps feature D holes for the attachment of a Backpack Harness or to take tripod carry straps.

No compromise

We have made the 307L slightly larger all round than the 307 to take account of the space taken up by the laptop slipcase. Effectively, this gives the 307L the same interior space for your camera gear and, if you need it, additional space can be provided courtesy of the optional Delta pockets.

External dimensions

W370mm (15.") x D230mm (9") x H340mm (13.")

Internal dimensions

W350mm (14.") x D155mm (8.") x H270mm (11.")

Capacity 22 litres (0.78 feet3)

Weight 2.3 kgs (5.07 lbs)

Internal laptop slipcase

W345mm (13.") x H275mm (10.")
(to fit 13" Apple MacBook Pro or similar)

Included with 307L:

SP50 Shoulder Pad, SuperFlex 10-21 x 2 and VBridge 15
(also available as additional or replacement items)

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